Tips For Making Lottery Wheels

Improving Your Odds Of Winning


Select for designing a Wheel with at least three to five numbers more than the total number of balls drawn in your chosen lottery (excluding bonus balls)

To increase the odds of matching your numbers with a drawing, you’ll want to select a larger range of numbers when making a Wheel


Do not attempt to play lotteries by using all unfolded combinations

When filling out a ticket field, it’s unwise to select more numbers than the minimum needed, as it’s the equivalent of using all unfolded combinations (Full Wheel) of the selected numbers. In such a case, the ticket cost increases greatly – as does the risk.

Use an Abbreviated Wheel to reduce expenses; use DigitWheel to reduce hassle. Our service provides algorithmically generated unfoldings of your numerical sets that require minimal math, while satisfying specific winning requirements. Therefore, you can choose more numbers to make a Lottery Wheel, specifying the criterion of the guarantee rather than filling one wide-sized combination.


Don’t attempt to specify all main balls for guarantee

The odds are very low that you’re going to draw main numbers that match with those you have selected. A more reliable way to increase your chances of winning is to specify for your guarantee the median (or close to it) of the total numbers drawn. For example, if you play “6 from 49”, try to set the criteria of the guarantee to three or four numbers. Let’s say you choose a 3-win: it is a 3-win, regardless if more numbers match, even all six. However, your chances of drawing a 3-win are greater than guessing all six numbers, so the odds are still in your favor.


It’s very important to decide how many balls do you wish to guess guaranteed.

Don’t forget that Abbreviated Wheel systems provide the desired result only when the number of matched balls is equal to those guaranteed.