Advanced lottery wheeling service

Web application with advanced features for creating Lottery Wheels

Below is the program for unfolding a number set into lower sized combinations, covering all subsets of a certain length. If as many numbers of the wheeled set as specified are drawn in the lottery, a Wheel guarantees that the same amount will be matched in at least one of the unfolded combinations!

The app allows you to customize a lottery matrix and then pick up to 15 numbers to form a Wheeled set for making a covering.

– SPECIFY A LOTTERY MATRIX for making a Wheel. Enter two numbers: first, the amount of main balls in the lottery; then, the upper bound of the range of the lottery numbers.

(* main balls: min. 2 – max. 8; An upper bound: min. 9 – max. 100)
Choose a common game matrix related to the most famous lotteries:

NEXT: specify the following two important parameters. Unsure the correct numbers to specify? Don’t worry, our app will check the numbers you enter for errors.

HOW MANY NUMBERS do you plan to fill into any field of a ticket? (Select no more than what you have picked)

HOW MANY BALLS of a lottery drawing do you wish to guess guaranteed, in the event that the same amount is matched with any of the numbers chosen above? (Select no more than the main number of balls drawn in the lottery)