Terms of Service

Please make sure that you have read and understand how this web service works and agree to these terms and conditions before you start using it.

This Terms of Use policy applies to each solution, which may be but is not limited to a website, portion of a website or a software application (each a “Lottery Wheels web app”) operated by

Service description

DigitWheel (The Site) is a Lottery Wheeling web service intended to help lottery fans design a combinatorial system known as an “Abbreviated Wheel” and spend less time constructing combinations. Nevertheless, the scope of the service is not necessarily limited to these Lottery Wheels. This service can be theoretically useful for students in mathematical specialties, as well as economists.

Given the possible assumptions based on the subject of the service, we consider it important to note, that our service does not conduct lottery drawings and is not affiliated with any lottery.

We cannot foresee what purposes and how you will use the results obtained with our web service. Therefore, we do not restrict you to using combinatorial combinations obtained with the help of our service, but we are not responsible for any of the negative consequences that appeared due to your interaction with the site digitwheel.com and any of its information or services. Including, if you are going to use the resulting combinations to play lotteries, you should understand that it is at your own risk.

Paid and free version

DigitWheel provides two similar services based on web-applications: the first is absolutely free of charge but has fewer options. This one is available on the page lottery wheeling program. The second service is offered as a paid subscription. It starts on the customers page and it has advanced options. You can see the subscription page to find out the differences.

Subscription terms:

We offer a paid subscription that allows you to use this service with advanced options during the period that you were offered. The period begins when the subscription is activated.

– Subscription token (license key) and Delivery Policy

Immediately after paying for the subscription to the period you were offered, you will receive the subscription token via email. This token is a key that allows you to activate the subscription. After successfully activating it, you will gain immediate access to our advanced web application. But you have to keep this token on hand; do not remove the email containing the token. In some cases, you will have to re-enter your previously activated token to regain the access. This is necessary to identify valid subscriptions in cases where cookies have been cleaned and/or subnets have been changed, so that we can automatically recognize and reroute you to the customer’s page of The Site next time.

If you don’t receive a token after the purchase is charged, you need to contact us from the email address you provided when paying for the subscription. If you don’t have access to this e-mail, be prepared to provide some information about your order.

– Subscription email and verification codes

When you activate a subscription, you are requested to enter your email address which saves, and associates with, the subscription. This email address is used for sending you verification codes when you can’t be automatically authenticated after you re-enter a token. Your email address will never be given it to third parties for any reason.

We made the process of authentication by tokens as simple for subscribers as possible. Even when a subscriber enters a misspelled email address, a subscription is still successfully activated. The specified email address may be changed by contacting the support team – just be sure to use the email with which you received a token.

– Easy access from any device, receiving verification codes in Telegram

Alternatively, DigitWheel allows users to connect tokens to their Telegram Messenger, for those who have Telegram Messenger accounts. To do this, just jumpstart a chat with @DigitWheelBot in Telegram Messenger and send us your subscription token. Your Telegram account will be connected immediately with that token. When verification codes are requested to access the Advanced App, you can recieve them via Telegram simply by sending the command “/code” to the bot. See our Customers Guide for details.

– Personal use

Your subscription and associated token are solely for your exclusive use. Publishing or sharing any subscription details, including tokens or verification codes, with any person or third party on any online or offline boards, such as file sharing services, forums, messengers, newspapers and others, is strictly prohibited. Violation of these conditions will result in having your subscription token immediately blocked. There are some exceptions:

  • You are permitted to send these details to the DigitWheel Team (for example, when contacting the support) and while in a Telegram chat with the DigitWheel Bot.
  • You are allowed to offer the token as a gift to someone, but only before activation the token. If you are giving a token as gift, you must notify The Support by messaging to us the person’s email address to whom the token will being given. Once approved, the token may only be activated by the recipient.

DigitWheel subscriptions are only sold through our payment partner. The gateway is routed through the Subscription page. DigitWheel strictly prohibits the resale of any subscription details, including tokens. Violation will result in prohibited use of the associated token, ban of the detected IP address, and blacklisting of the associated email address.

– Validity of subscription and Refund policy

Subscription tokens are valid for activation at any time; you can activate a subscription immediately after purchase, or later on. All subscription fees, including those for unactivated tokens, are non-refundable for any reason, including the sale, acquisition, bankruptcy, or closure of The Site for any reason.

By agreeing to these Terms of Service, you understand advance of your payment and your use of our services that DigitWheel is limited in our responsibility for payment processing. Please note that this is due many factors, and are not dependant on DigitWheel or The Site owner. But, you do not have to worry about potential problems. DigitWheel is unaware of any reason at all the our services may cease. Activation of your subscription now allows you to immediately use the Advanced service. If you change your mind about activation the subscription after you purchased it, you can also offer your token as a gift to someone. But, this should be exceptional; we reserve the right to refuse you this for any reason (see the details above).

– Possibility of renewal of an activated subscription

If you have already activated a token within a valid subscription period but our site has become unavailable do to DigitWheel, the site owner, or affiliated services (such as periodic upgrades, technical maintenance, temporary server shutdown, a correction of possible errors, or other circumstances on our part), you will be reimbursed in an extension of valid subscription time equivalent to the amounted time which you were unable to use the Advanced app. Such reimbursement of time is subject to your submission of a request to the support and our technicians being able to detect a problem with the Advanced app. We will not add time to your subscription period or renew the token if no problem is detected. So, to ensure we’re able to reimburse your time, please notify the support if you attempt to access the Advanced app but are unable to. Refusal to reimburse time means that a problem exists elsewhere, and we will advise searching for problems on your side, such as your Internet connection, incorrect browser settings, the policy of your Internet provider, etc. In the event we confirm a problem on our part, we will calculate the lost time and add it to the subscription period. You will receive a confirmation message with the necessary information.

– Technical requirements
  • Internet connection is required
  • Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled in your browser
  • Modern browser is recommended

Please, see the Technical issues page for technical guides.

Privacy Policy

– Information we collect. Processing of personal data

We don’t actively collect or process personal data from visitors to The Site if they are not our subscribers, except for the standard logging of the server, which receives a significant amount impersonal requests to This Site.

When you become a subscriber and activate your token, we automatically save some impersonal data in our databases. This is required so that we can provide you access to the Advanced service. We retain only a small amount of the information related with our subscribers:

  • IP address
  • email address of the subscriber
  • ID number of a subscriber’s Telegram account, if the DigitWheelBot is used
Also, we use cookies from The Site, which are stored in your browser. We appreciate and respect each subscriber, and want to be as clear as we can about why we use all these items. These are processed solely so that subscribers can automatically sign-in when a subscription token is activated.

We don’t collect, and don’t request, any private data that can uniquely or directly identify you as a specific person. Names and phone numbers are not requested.

For the utmost privacy possible, we keep your email and IP address confidential, only processing it to verify that you’re our subscriber. However, if you contact the support, you can message us your name or other details at your own discretion. A Telegram Messenger account ID is just an integer number; it is not a pointer and is not a link to the data of your Telegram account.

– Regulations and responsibility

You are responsible for all access and service fees necessary to connect to the Advanced App and assume all charges incurred in accessing there.

You agree and warrant that your usage of the service and contents of The Site is in accordance with this Privacy Policy and these Terms entirely; and that your usage is within any applicable laws and regulations, including any local laws or regulations in your country, regarding online conduct and acceptable content.